What you need to know about choosing conference apps


Not all conference apps are created equal

As a conference planner, you might be on the fence as to whether or not you even need a conference app for your event. Or you might still be deciding on which app is the best app for your conference. Conference apps have many features designed specially for planned events and meetings.

In this article you'll explore the 9 advantages of mobile applications that will help keep your event organized and attendees up-to-date.

Detailed schedule

Conference attendees can access your up-to-date mobile agenda and prepare their own plans for the day. You can show them your best sessions using the app.

Extend the reach of your Speakers and Exhibitors

With a conference app, you can provide detailed information about all your speakers and exhibitors.

Your speakers and exhibitors are your special guests, why not let attendees review their biographies, pictures, contact information and all the conference materials? With the conference app you can do this which is good for the whole experience of your event.

Left, no right? Give good directions

Conference apps can be the guide.

  • You can use the app to provide directions for your  attendees.
  • Include things like: current bus schedules and other information about public transport, real-time walking, driving instructions to your event’s locations – it is all helpful for your participants.

Ok, you got them to your event...now, let's make sure they find the next session – mobile apps can be also used to zero in with customized site maps for the locations of your meeting rooms.

Getting social

Use social media to show your conference attendees you know the value of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Sync your app with LinkedIn and publish your updates and comments.

Let your attendees see who else is at the event!

Keep up-to-date with Attendees

You've worked hard to have everything ready for your event, but you need to keep up-to-date if changes occur. Prepare updates for your attendees - share surveys, voting results, deliver all the updated and important information to all your attendees as changes happen in real time.

Creating Sponsors’ value

Your sponsors paid to be visible at your event! Let them feel good for a little bit more, boost their visibility. Display content in your app that will be important to their success.

You are green?

Your conference can be paperless with apps. It is something good for the environment and for your bank account. First you reduce printing, shipping and lower your advertising costs by reducing the amount of printed literature you would otherwise prepare.

The conference experience gauge

Every time one of your attendee uses your app, their interactions are signs of interest. Each time a participant uses the app, it gives you information on how to optimize the conference experience and make it better.

Useful Analytics

The analyses for the conference are linked with the use of mobile apps with post event analytics, session ratings, and voting capabilities. Use the analytics to prepare your next event and make it an even better experience!

Ready to consider your event app?

ConferenceDirect’s Event App has all the solutions built in.

Get everything you need in a conference app with ConferenceDirect.

  • Personalized Agendas
  • Alerts and Updates
  • Social Media Feeds & RSS Integration
  • Single Static Event Map
  • Customization: App Icon, Color Theme, Logo
  • Full Control over App using Content Manager
  • Speaker Profiles, Bios, Websites
  • Attendee Roster and Interactive Profiles
  • Twitter / Facebook / LinkedLn integration
  • Session Polls with Live Results, A/V Friendly
  • Speaker / Session Rating
  • Mobile Event Survey
  • Voting Capability
  • Monetize via exclusive Sponsorship & Banner Ads
  • Enhanced Sponsor/Exhibitor Listings and Profiles
  • Post Event Analytics
  • Easy Event Data Import with Excel
  • Single Static Map

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